Emmanuel Prouvèze

Emmanuel Prouveze has 20 years of experience in selling and marketing high value-added software solutions in international markets.

Having started his professional career in Tokyo and spent a total of 18 years in Japan, Emmanuel brings a unique understanding of the Japanese market and business culture. As such, he is able to bridge effectively a foreign company’s global strategy with local customs and requirements for best results.

Fluent in French, English and Japanese (both spoken and written), he is able to communicate seamlessly with customers and partners on all business and technical topics, earning the trust on which long-term relationships can be built.

With two successful entrepreneur endeavors, he has the on-hands experience of starting a business from the ground up and making it into a profitable enterprise. This has lead him to acquire a versatile experience in sales (both direct and indirect), team management, product marketing as well as online and offline communication.

As a self-professed geek, Emmanuel takes pride in understanding the underlying technology of the products he promotes, bringing both the synthetic and in-depth image needed to persuade customers. In a managerial role, he is able to lead both sales people and engineers to guide the full team towards achieving both quantitative and qualitative objectives.

His profile and experience make him the perfect match for an international IT company wishing to develop its business in Japan or APAC: Emmanuel will rapidly become a key contributor to the company’s growth.


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Emmanuel is a very reliable partner, providing both solutions and commitment from the company he’s representing. He is strongly skilled; a piece of advice coming from him is invaluable.

Emmanuel is also a very sociable person and it’s a pleasure to work and deal with him.

Emmanuel has always been highly professional and greatly productive. He is always focus to achieving tangible results, at mutual benefits of both collaborating parties.

Emmanuel is a gifted international sales manager with deep, strong and fast comprehension of both technical and human factors.

Emmanuel is highly respected by his clients for his ability to provide comprehensive solutions for each project. He is also a great team manager and knows how to delegate tasks and how to keep his team motivated.

Emmanuel is a highly committed professional with a strong business sense. He has a huge experience in international relationships combined with an exceptional skills for languages. Emmanuel also has a perfect marketing understanding enabling him to drive major accounts relationships.

Team working with Emmanuel was both a pleasure and an enriching experience.
I was impressed by his ability to understand and integrate complex technical issues, by his professionalism and his respect towards the customer.

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